The 12 days that I’ve spent in Denmark have made it possible for me to realise what a beautiful country this is and I consider myself lucky to have had this opportunity albeit by pure chance.

Denmark is fairly flat and doesn’t offer the visitors the glorious majesty of the fjords for instance. It can instead be enjoyed by a discerning cyclist, one who doesn’t only see in hard toil the fulfilment of a cyclist’s mission, but who can appreciate the joy of a relaxed ride through a gentle rolling countryside, dotted with picturesque small towns and villages. Tourists flock to the Lofotens because of the beauty of the landscape and rightly so. I felt privileged to be one of the one million tourists to do so this summer, especially  having got there on my own steam. I knew before hand how beautiful Norway is, so there was no surprise there. The last 12 days instead supplied me with constant surprises, for I had no expectations whatsoever, not having planned to visit this part of the country.

I’m on the island of Sylt now,  ready to do more island hopping along the North Sea coast. Will I be so lucky again?