One of the most pleasant surprises that touring this part of Denmark has given me is seeing so many families with young children cycling from island to island like seasoned cyclists. Most of the young ones ride bikes with full complement of panniers (Ortlieb of course).

On Monday I met Uwe  and his eight year old grandson Tim on the ferry from Ærø to Als. They had spent a week camping and cycling around Ærø and were on the way back to Kiel, by car, obviously. Then in the evening at the campsite in Sønderborg I met a family of five from Quebec City touring on two tandems and a solo bike. Julie, Mathieu, plus the children Sierra, Sirius and Alizé, ( they are as adventurous as their names suggest.)

Their plan is to ride south through Germany then Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and the Black Sea. I must add that this is their second extended tour around Europe, having been this side of the pond a few years ago when the children were even younger and trailers were used.

Needless to say I was very impressed.

Julie is worried about the hills in Slovenia and Croatia,  but they’ll have developed the strength to handle them easily by the time they get there. What doesn’t seem to concern them much is the weather which, since their flight back is on 29/11, could be a bit of a challenge even to hardened Quebecois.

I really wished them ‘Bonne Route’.