The plans for today were rather simple, cross the border into Germany to Klaxbüll, board the train to the island of Sylt and find a campsite there. Heavy and persistent rain put paid to them and I’m still in Tønder.

I walked into town instead to do some shopping with my last kroners  and bought myself a bottle of red wine as well.

Back at the campsite, not being used to such wild excesses after nearly two months in Norway, two small glasses were  all I needed to put me hopelessly asleep. All I could read were but a few pages of my companion book, The Voyage Of The Beagle.                                 I knew about Charles Darwin the great naturalist and revolutionary of natural sciences. What I didn’t know was how gifted a writer he also was.

The passage that caught my attention before nodding off was this: ‘How opposite are the sensations when viewing black mountains half-enveloped in clouds, and seeing another range through the light blue of a fine haze! The one for a time may be very sublime; the other is all gaiety and happy life.’

These few words sum up my experience of the the big North. However now they’ve all metamorphosed into pure joy.

I’ve had a look at the pictures on my phone to see if any would give an idea of the two opposite sensations mentioned by Darwin. I hope what I’ve chosen can do it, if only partially.